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Custom Foam Fabrication Services for the Automotive, Medical and Athletic Industries

Acuity Foam utilizes over 40 years of combined foam fabrication experience to provide excellent customer service and strict adherence to product specifications, including dimensions and materials. Acuity Foam provides foam packaging component parts and padding for the athletic, office and medical furniture, personal comfort, automotive and advertising display industries.

Acuity Foam is steadfast in maintaining high quality standards. Acuity Foam produces quality foam packaging components and delivers them on time with our customer’s specific quality requirements. Our commitment to manufacturing foam packaging and personal comfort products in the most economical way is intended to not only meet but exceed the needs of our customers.

Quality Foam Fabrication Products and Foam Packaging Materials

Acuity Foam possesses a large inventory of polyurethane and polyethylene foams in a wide range of densities and degrees of firmness. Acuity Foam purchases, inventories and distributes polyethylene packaging materials from Sealed Air, Ivex, Arplank, Palziv and Pregis. Our extensive selection of foam packaging materials means Acuity Foam can manufacture a vast array of packaging solutions to fit many products. Our high quality polyethylene packaging foams feature durable closed cell designs, resistance to many solvents and acids as well as providing excellent surface protection. Polyethylene foams are available with anti-static properties, perfect for packaging sensitive electronics components and systems.

Acuity Foam also inventories polyurethane foams from Carpenter, Foamex, Hickory Springs, Future Foam, Advanced Urethane Technologies and Flexible Foam. These foams foam packaging products are used for more delicate items and displays, but are also commonly used for automotive, bedding, furniture, athletic padding, and medical positioning devices or personal comfort items, such as pillows.

Our automated fabrication equipment allows us to deliver the most cost effective solutions for your foam needs. Acuity Foam fabricates foam products using a wide range of methods, including slitting, splitting, and skiving, CNC abrasive wire, vertical and horizontal band saws. We also offer die cutting, water jet cutting and foam convoluting. Acuity Foam utilizes other fabricating techniques such as compression cutting, routers and custom built fixtures in order to create desired shapes utilizing the unique properties of each type of foam. Our assembling processes include heat welding, water based foam bonding adhesives, hot glue and the application of pressure sensitive adhesive films. Our high quality fabrication methods of cutting and traceability procedures are consistent with many ISO standards. From product procurement and production to packaging and shipping, every step of the way is verified and recorded for complete traceability and to ensure consistent quality from shipment to shipment.

Custom Foam Fabrication Services and Solutions

Acuity Foam creates custom foam solutions for all your industrial, furniture, medical, electronic, automotive and packaging needs. Our staff will work closely with your company to produce a product which meets your exacting specifications. Acuity Foam assists our customers with creating blueprints and foam specifications for products or by working closely with customer supplied drawings or blueprints.

Acuity Foam engineers the perfect packaging solution for any product. We can work with unique box and packaging shapes and will provide the exact protection and support your products require. Acuity Foam knows our custom foam solutions are a reflection of our commitment to detail and quality, so we always ensure total adherence to customer specifications and requests. We will engineer a product within your specific product needs and cost requirements.

Foam Healthcare Products for the Medical Industry

Acuity Foam serves the healthcare industry with well-designed foam solutions and precise fabrication. Our unique and cost effective solutions with foam cushioning materials and foam fabrication techniques has allowed Acuity Foam to design and develop solutions capable of meeting the individual needs and requirements of our customers. Acuity Foam has worked with customers to produce solutions for custom contoured wheelchair cushions, bedding products, neck and limb support, seating and padding for the medical industry. Let Acuity Foam show you how we can help with your company’s healthcare foam needs.

Professional Foam Packaging and Custom Foam Solutions Experts

Contact Acuity Foam today at 262-548-3636 to discuss our foam packaging products, custom designed foam solutions and foam cushioning fabrication capabilities. Acuity Foam is committed to providing excellent customer service, high quality foam packaging solutions and dependable foam products.

Most Acuity Foam products are recyclable, environmentally friendly and contain no CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs or BPH. Our packaging foam products meet ROHS directives.

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